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Company Profile

Foshan Sim King Electromagnetic Technology Co., Ltd.
Address: No.3 Guangzhu south road, Guangjiao industry zone, Beijiao town, Shunde district, Foshan city, Guang dong, China.
Tel: 86 757 26606910
Mobile: +86 13192699778  Mr.Liu
Fax: 86 757 26329626
Website: www.jjhunli.com
E-mail: wenliang.liu@simking.cn


About Us
  Foshan Sim King Electromagnetic Technology Co., Ltd.

was founded in2004,Is a professional electromagnetic induction coil production enterprise.It is located in Beijiao town of shunde district of foshan city which is known as" the Chinese electrical appliances of the town".

  In 2009 the company successfully passed the ISO9001:2009 international standard quality system authentication, i-mprove the company quality management system. By 2015, the company has four the Semi-automatic production line, one the automation production line, has high production efficiency ,the annual output can reach 2 m-illion.

  Company in line with the concept of "concentrate on, professional, d-evoted to", according to different customer requirements, customized for clients of different products, adhering to the "sincere, science, innovation, beyond" spirit, for customers to create a better quality, higher profits.

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